Wedding Veils
Once you have chosen your dress it's time to choose your wedding veil.  Wedding veils come in many different styles and colors.  Depending on what style your gown is will determine how you would like your veil to match.

Shoulder length veils can be worn with more informal dress and look very elegant.  They usually are between 15-20" long.

Mid-back to waist length are more formal and come in various textures and colors.  These veils usually measure between 25-35" long.

Fingertip length veils extend down to fingertips.  There are petite fingertip lengths which measure around 35/36" and regular fingertip lengths that can extend down to 42" long.

Chapel and cathedral length veils are very formal and have many different lengths ranging from 90-130" long.

Most veils come attached to comb with a choice of different edges:  plain, rattail, corded, ribbon, rhinestone and pearl.  Some veils come with additional scattered pearls and rhinestones sewn on them.
Ever After Bridal Veils
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Knee Length Ribbon Edge Veil
Knee length veils
Floor Length Mantilla Veil
Floor length mantilla veil
Fingertip Length Veil
Single tier fingertip length veil