How To Wear Wedding Veils
If you are not sure which veil style to choose or how to wear your wedding veil, then Ever After Bridal Veils has some ideas for you.

Hairstyles can be an important factor on how you wear your wedding veil.  For instance, you may be wearing your hair in an updo.  Just about any veil style will go with hair that is pulled up.  Wedding veils on a comb that you can slip into the back of your hair is the best solution and creates and elegant appearance.  Depending on your dress and how formal you want your veil, you may opt for a more elaborate veil with rhinestones or scattered crystals and longer veil length.  If you are wearing your hair down or pinned up in the front only, you may want to wear the veil higher up on your head, or if you want most of your hair showing, possibly a tiara or headpiece without a veil would be a good alternative.  Hair in curls can also be pulled toward the front over gown with veil worn at the mid portion of your head.

If you are unsure which veil style suits you best, there are several options to choose from:

Veils come in various lengths:  shoulder length, mid-back, waist/elbow length, chapel, and cathedral lengths which have trains.  Widths range from 54", 72" and up to 108".

The edges of the veil come in various styles as well such as plain edge (without anything), pencil/corded edge - which is a slight corded trim edge, rattail which is a little thicker corded edge and ribbon which is silk ribbon in various widths.  Other more elaborate choices are rhinestone and pearl beaded edges.

Shapes of the veil range from fingertip, filament (which is a more swirled appearance),  and choices of one to two tier length veils.

Mantilla veils come shear with lace edge and are generally worn directly over the head.

Most wedding veils come in shades of white or ivory but can be purchased in other colors such as diamond white, shimmer white, shimmer ivory, pink, gold, beige and others colors.
Plain edge veil
Ribbon edge veil
Rattail edge veil
Mantilla lace edge veil
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