Tips For The Wedding Ceremony
Your wedding might not be for some time, but you maybe wondering how to prepare for your wedding ceremony.  Your wedding ceremony is a general reflection of both you and your fiancee's personal taste and style.

Aside from shopping for your gown, your first step will be to secure the place you want your ceremony to be held.  If you are planning a church or synagogue wedding, it's best to secure those ahead to ensure they will be available for the time and date of wedding.  Same applies with hotels, parks, restaurants and other wedding venues.  It might be a wise decision to have a backup plan in case of inclimate weather.

The next step would be to find a wedding officiant to perform your wedding ceremony if you are not having your own pastor, rabbi or priest to perform it.  You may find recommendations for clergy from your wedding venue or from someone you know. 

Music, photographers, videographers and florists are all a part of the cermony as well.  These also can be recommended by venues if they do not supply them.

It's always smart to have a wedding budget on how much you or your family is willing to spend.  It is where you want to spend the extra amount that determines your decision.  For example you may want to spend a little more on your reception therefore cutting costs for other wedding necessities.
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