Beach Weddings
If you are planning a wedding away on a tropical island, beach or any location overlooking the ocean, then you will have the natural beauty of a beach wedding.  Beach weddings are increasing in popularity all over the world so much, that couples are booking way in advance to secure their wedding date!

You planning your wedding on a tropical island - a great place to have your wedding and honeymoon in the same location! There will be some preparations to be made for this kind of wedding if it does not come with your wedding venue.  Some places have wedding packages that include the ceremony location, champagne toast, cake, arch and flowers.  Nautical weddings usually take place on a large yaht equipped with tables, chairs, full kitchen and staff.

Alot of wedding venues on the east and west coast of the US are equipped with everything you need for your wedding.  Some also have backup locations in case of inclimate weather.

If your wedding is taking place on the beach or park overlooking the ocean you may have to provide your own chairs and arch if needed.  Some places have restrictions, so it's best to find out how many people are allowed as well as seating arrangements.

Sometimes your wedding location might be some other place, but you may want to have engagement or wedding photographs taken by the ocean.  Beach photographs can be spectacular and most photographers are willing to travel a little bit further to a romantic beach spot for photo opportunities.
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